Mathews Jacob

Retired Senior Manager of Bangalore International Airport

Former Maintenance Manager, System Analyst and Work Control Supervisor of Saudi Binladin Group- O&M in Airports Projects in Saudi Arabia and Doha-Qatar

Mobile: +91-7907202897 | +91-8891052375



ACSRA-95, Padipurayil, Kannamkode, Adoor, Kerala, INDIA, PIN-691523

Location: Padipurayil-Adoor

Present Roles

Motivational Speaker

In 1974, when I was 21 year old, I read the books How to Stop Worrying and Start Living by Dale Carnegie and Power of Positive Thinking by Norman Vincent Peale from the unit library of the Air Force Base I was stationed at. It was my first Motivation Training and I was a changed person from that time and I realized that man can change at his will. Ever since, I have been instrumental in changing a few men and women who were badly in need of the change.

Database Specialist

It started with dBase-III in 1993. Changed over to Microsoft Access in 1996. Later on specialised in Microsoft SQL Server and Visual Studio for application building. Graduated to oracle 12c. Created a number of database applications involving data analysis for the organizations I served and also for a handful of non-profit organisations as well. Data Mining, Data Acquisition, Data Conversion and Reports Generation are the strong areas.

Web Design & Development

First website was made in 2003. As a freelancer created a number of websites for various organizations. Mastering HTML5 and CSS3 was an obsession. This website is made using HTML5 and CSS3. Equally comfortable with web designing using Wordpress. To keep in pace with the time, explored the hosting solutions offered by AWS (Amazon Web Service). In fact, this very website is hosted by AWS.

Consultant- Digitization

Digitization is the evolved style of living of this era. Those who refuse to embrace digitalization are eventualy left out and overtaken by those who go digital. However, there are still a lot of individuals and organizations refusing to transform and they prefer to conduct their business in the conventional manner. Well, here again, it's my motto to bring out the change in them and help them to go digital.