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Originally from a middle class family, Chackosar was a force to reckon with for the feudal lords of Adoor during the initial years of the communist movement in Kerala. While working as a Teacher in government school, he was also a dedicated activist of the communist movement. After the split of Communist Party of India in 1964, he joined the right wing Communist Party of India (CPI).

Chackosar, Dedication March 11, 2003


Kerala a Fertile Land for Religion

In my childhood days, one propaganda against communist party was that if it comes to power Christian churches would be either demolished or converted to schools or cultural institutions. Some fabricated cases of converting churches to schools and cultural institutions in USSR after the revolution were cited to substantiate this propaganda.

Politics, Spirituality, Religion May 26, 2004

Thoughts on Bible and Christianity

...To the best of my understanding and reasoning, God did not make any book. To speak to human beings, God needs no book. God is omniscient, omni-potent and omni-present. God is present in the mind of every human being. All good things coming to my mind is from God. All good things I do are from God. Nothing happens without God’s knowledge. God can speak to me without a mediator or a book. God did speak to me even in those days when I was unable to read and understand any book.


Bible, Christianity, Opinion April 22, 2004

Contented Life-1; Never be too Happy or too Sad

...A person of balanced mind will not be too sad during bad times or loss or failure. He will not be too happy either during the best moments of life or gain or success. Actually, only those who can maintain this mental equilibrium can have contentment in life.

Contentment, Happiness, Motivation, Personality Development April 12, 2013

Contented Life-2; Have Absolute Faith in God

One may think that why I am so happy and claim to be leading a contented life when I have the same problems others have. Well, that is the point; you can’t postpone feeling happiness to a future date. If you plan to lead a happy life when all the problems are settled down and retirement from job is nearer, let me tell you, it may not work. As you get older, your problems also will increase. Therefore, the key is to be happy now, in the middle of problems.

Contentment, Happiness, Motivation, Personality Development April 13, 2013

Contented Life-3; Real Happiness Is Happiness Felt Without Any Reason

But even though we have travelled a long way from the big zero, we will feel unhappy when we compare our lives with others’. That is the biggest mistake we make. Everyone has a unique life. While a person can recollect each trivial things of his life, he can only see some facets of others’ lives. What we see in others’ lives would be mostly deceptive. Some clever, wicked persons will show off things that are not existing. That are only pretensions to misguide us and put us off-track. My advice is never fall for that. Whatever you see in others’ lives should not be a matter for your agony. You only concentrate on the best things in your life.

Contentment, Happiness, Motivation, Personality Development April 14, 2013

Contented Life-4; Can Wealth Bring Happiness?

There is nothing wrong in becoming rich. However, the rich one should realize that there is a majority deprived of the facilities he has, and he is one of the luckiest few blessed with the richness and, therefore, he should keep a considerable portion of his richness to help the poor. Amassing wealth by struggling and not even meeting the requirements of the present situation for next generation is foolishness. Such wealth will only render the next generation lazy and failure stories. They will not realize the value of money.

Contentment, Happiness, Motivation, Personality Development May 26, 2013